MUIFA Diaper Bag Backpack Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack Nappy Bag for Baby Care with Insulated Pockets, Large Capacity, Durable

Product dimensions: 10.6" x 8.3" x 16.5". Weight: 0.9lb LARGE CAPACITY - Large main compartment and separate storage pockets, you can put milk bottle, water bottle, clothes, diaper, towel, etc in different separate pockets PRACTICAL & CONVENIENT: Insulated pockets & wet clothes pocket are included. Insulated pockets can keep liquids warm; Wet clothes pocket keep the wet clothes and diapers separating from dry clothes and diapers MULTI FUNCTION: You can use this bag as Backpack and Handbag. It is very elegant and suitable for many occasion like traveling, excursion, going out, shopping, etc. DURABLE & WATERPROOF: This Diaper Bag is made with high quality fabric that is durable and waterproof ,which makes you easy to wipe clean
Delivery date: 7-21 days

Backpack Design: 
Having a toddler is not easy to have both hands free. Don’t worry, this Diaper Bag perhaps is a big help for you! 

Large capacity design with multiple compartments, you can take in the milk bottle, water bottle, baby clothes, baby diaper, towel and so on in an organized way. 

Insulated Pockets & Wet Clothes Pocket: 
There're three insulated pockets at the front part of the bag. Tin foil provides insulation work and can make your feeding-bottles keep warm. 
Wet clothes pocket keep the wet clothes and diapers separating from dry clothes and diapers. 

Wide-open Design 
There’s an opening in the back of the bag with a waterproof pocket. It’s convenient for you to put in or take out things. 

Side Tissue Pocket 
Side tissue pocket design provides quick access to wipes when spills happen or to keep baby clean and fresh. 

Three Ways to Carry 
Choice of easy-tote handle or padded shoulder straps or hang it on stroller with integrated stroller straps(not included) offer all day comfort. 

High Quality Material 
The Diaper Tote Bag is made of environmental & durable water resistant fabric, easy to wipe clean. Don't afraid the milk or water spill on the bag when feeding the baby. 

Package Listing: 
1 x Large Capacity Multi-Function Nappy Baby Bag